Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kenting, Taiwan

I have been asked to keep posting about Taiwan, so here is goes.
I'm in Kenting right now. It is in southern Taiwan, and right on the ocean (either the South Chine Sea, or the Phillipine Sea, not sure). Amazingly beautiful, just like anywhere else on the island. There is A LOT of sea glass on the beach. Sea glass is (or are) pieces of glass that have been dumped into the ocean, smoothed by the waves, and washed onto the shore. The glass is, sometimes, very soft, and very beautiful.
Yesterday (which was tuesday, my time, early tuesday morn, Seattle time) my family and i went to the 2010 Floral Expo in Taipei. it was beautiful, and lots o fun. The very last thing we did was watch a 3D movie called the Inconvinient Truth of Taiwan. It was not exactly connected to Al Gores Inconvinient Truth. The movie was about a boy who lost everything to a mudslide, including his grandmother (but not his dog or kite........). The mudslide was caused by a typhoon. I still don't know what the moral of the story was, but it was still interesting. At the Expo, there was also a building made entirely out of recycled garbage, but, unfortunately, I was not able to go into it.
I don't know how to load pictures onto the posts, and will try when I get back home.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan

Wow we haven't posted in a while. Hello from Taipei! I am there (or here.........) at the moment, and i couldn't help but notice the they Taiwanese and Chinese that are here are very into recycleing. They are also big on reusing waste (you know, waste, human waste. There were many adds about how they reuse waste at the zoo). They have open sewers (kinda), so walking down the street there are little pockets of horrible smells.
Anyways, thought you guys might want to learn about that, and we really needed a new post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My creative space

This is the first my creative space I've participated in, and I'm kind of nervous, but I just had to show you guys these bags I just made using the buttercup bag pattern from Made by Rae, which I am considering buying so I can sell bags made with it. I printed it out a while ago, but never got around to making it because I didn't have any magnatic snaps, although I just realized I could have used velcro, but then I saw this amazing teal velvet upholstery fabric in my large drawer of fabric and just started cutting. Even though this was very much not the kind of fabric the pattern called for, I think it turned out wonderfully. I was so in love with this pattern, I made another one imediately ouf grey jeans.

Please excuse the bad photos, the light was very bad.

More creative spaces here!
We had a soccer game today. We won, which is very good because if we had lost it would have been the first game we had lost, and as this was our last game, I am very happy. We scored two goals, they didn't score any. We had cupcakes afterward.
Any way, I keep looking at this blog, and I keep looking at the backpacking pictures, getting tired of them, but not knowing what to post. The green team hasn't really started this year(I know, my fault), so I don't really feel like I have anything to post about that has to do with school and the environment. Other than a generic post about why you should be environmentally conscious this Halloween. As in, give out healthy treats and use recycled materials for your decorations and costume. Of course, do all that, but do you really need me to say it?
Another issue I have been having that has kept me from blogging is that this is a group blog and all of the posts should relate to all of us and or the rest of the world. This is girls go green, not girl goes green. The thing is, I'm kind of out of topics that fit into that category.
Basically, the point is that I am going to start writing about things that may not necessarily have anything to do with greenness and our school, but hopefully not both of them. Also, girls who can post here, please do so. But no pressure.
So, question: is your costume going to be made out of recycled materials? Or at least homemade?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Backpacking pictures

So here are the backpacking pictures!!!
Lindsey, thank you so much for sending me the pictures!

Monday, August 16, 2010

how to make a plastic bag flower

Usually when you do something with plastic bags(crochet, iron, braid,etc.) you use the bag part of the bag, and the handles go to waste. Here is a project for the handles(although if you want to you can just use the bag part to cut out the circles).

  • 4 plastic bag handles
  • safety pin/ needle and thread, button, hair clip, glue

(for a pin)
1. Cut the middle seam off of one on the handles and flatten out the halves to make two squarish/rectangular pieces of plastic.

2. Cut out a circle from each squarish/rectangular pieces of plastic.

3. Repeat steps 1&2, until you have used up the four handles. Vary the size of the circles.

4. Stack your circles on top of each other, with the smallest circles on top.

5. Pinch the middle of the stack, and fold the stack to look like this:

6. Stick your safety pin through all of the layers of plastic.

Fluff it up a bit, and you have a recycled flower pin!

How to make a plastic bag flower barrette:

1. Do steps 1-4
2. Sew a button on to the stack, but as you sew it on, grab bits of plastic with your needle so it gets poofy.
This is how the back should look

Here's the front!

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