Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100th post!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everybody!

This is our 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!

To commemorate the fact that it is our 100th, T.Y. and I decided to make another video tutorial about how to make something green. We made a tutorial for how to make a juice pouch bag. Everything was going all good untill I tried to upload the video to blogger. I tried over and over again to upload the video but it would just not work. I tried everything I could think of, but the video refused to upload.

So anyway, now we didn't have a 100th post that was particuarly different from the usual. But then, at our wizard of oz cast party, we were on a dock looking into lake washington, and in the water, just sitting there like it belonged, was a beer can. And so, Andrea had an idea: we take pictures of trash around our city and that could be our 100th post. Then I had the idea to also take pictures of things in our city that is particularly green.

And so, I bring you a few highs and lows of green-ness in Seattle.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

T.Y. and I made a video tutorial (I'm not telling what it's about!), but it is absolutely refusing to be uploaded. I'll keep trying! I just thought I'd tell you why our 100th post is taking so long.
First of all, this is our 99th post. Yay!
Secondly, our Spanish teacher was spotted using a pen similar to this one!!!!! It had red instead of green, and sported someone else's logo(as in not the cascade land conservancy). When questioned, she stated that it had been left in her room. Muy interesante...(insert chin stroke here--it would be better if it were me stroking my beard, but as I am the wrong gender for those(girls go green), a stroke of the chin will have to suffice). Anyway, yay to la maestra de espanol(does anybody know how to do the n squiggle on blogger???) and to whichever company was using that kind of pen to print their logo on, and to whomever left the pen in the Spanish room.

Thirdly, the week after next is "play week" where we will all go down to the theater to finalize our play! The play is the wizard of oz. We're doing it '80's themed: like hair and costumes. And this has to do with greenness because? Oh yeah, a lot of the costumes are recycled. The plaid for Dorothy's costume out of little squares of fused blue and white plastic bags(I made it actually), and the lion's mane is lots of pieces of fabric and the for the scarecrow, instead of straw, newspaper is being used.
So that's pretty much all the interesting little green stuff that I can think of!