Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kenting, Taiwan

I have been asked to keep posting about Taiwan, so here is goes.
I'm in Kenting right now. It is in southern Taiwan, and right on the ocean (either the South Chine Sea, or the Phillipine Sea, not sure). Amazingly beautiful, just like anywhere else on the island. There is A LOT of sea glass on the beach. Sea glass is (or are) pieces of glass that have been dumped into the ocean, smoothed by the waves, and washed onto the shore. The glass is, sometimes, very soft, and very beautiful.
Yesterday (which was tuesday, my time, early tuesday morn, Seattle time) my family and i went to the 2010 Floral Expo in Taipei. it was beautiful, and lots o fun. The very last thing we did was watch a 3D movie called the Inconvinient Truth of Taiwan. It was not exactly connected to Al Gores Inconvinient Truth. The movie was about a boy who lost everything to a mudslide, including his grandmother (but not his dog or kite........). The mudslide was caused by a typhoon. I still don't know what the moral of the story was, but it was still interesting. At the Expo, there was also a building made entirely out of recycled garbage, but, unfortunately, I was not able to go into it.
I don't know how to load pictures onto the posts, and will try when I get back home.

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