Thursday, October 28, 2010

My creative space

This is the first my creative space I've participated in, and I'm kind of nervous, but I just had to show you guys these bags I just made using the buttercup bag pattern from Made by Rae, which I am considering buying so I can sell bags made with it. I printed it out a while ago, but never got around to making it because I didn't have any magnatic snaps, although I just realized I could have used velcro, but then I saw this amazing teal velvet upholstery fabric in my large drawer of fabric and just started cutting. Even though this was very much not the kind of fabric the pattern called for, I think it turned out wonderfully. I was so in love with this pattern, I made another one imediately ouf grey jeans.

Please excuse the bad photos, the light was very bad.

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  1. Hey don't be nervous it is good to share what you have achieved