Monday, August 16, 2010

how to make a plastic bag flower

Usually when you do something with plastic bags(crochet, iron, braid,etc.) you use the bag part of the bag, and the handles go to waste. Here is a project for the handles(although if you want to you can just use the bag part to cut out the circles).

  • 4 plastic bag handles
  • safety pin/ needle and thread, button, hair clip, glue

(for a pin)
1. Cut the middle seam off of one on the handles and flatten out the halves to make two squarish/rectangular pieces of plastic.

2. Cut out a circle from each squarish/rectangular pieces of plastic.

3. Repeat steps 1&2, until you have used up the four handles. Vary the size of the circles.

4. Stack your circles on top of each other, with the smallest circles on top.

5. Pinch the middle of the stack, and fold the stack to look like this:

6. Stick your safety pin through all of the layers of plastic.

Fluff it up a bit, and you have a recycled flower pin!

How to make a plastic bag flower barrette:

1. Do steps 1-4
2. Sew a button on to the stack, but as you sew it on, grab bits of plastic with your needle so it gets poofy.
This is how the back should look

Here's the front!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with us at Anything Related!

  2. Oh, I love it!
    It really came out nice!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. What fun ideas! I wouldn't have thought plastic could look that good.

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