Thursday, October 28, 2010

We had a soccer game today. We won, which is very good because if we had lost it would have been the first game we had lost, and as this was our last game, I am very happy. We scored two goals, they didn't score any. We had cupcakes afterward.
Any way, I keep looking at this blog, and I keep looking at the backpacking pictures, getting tired of them, but not knowing what to post. The green team hasn't really started this year(I know, my fault), so I don't really feel like I have anything to post about that has to do with school and the environment. Other than a generic post about why you should be environmentally conscious this Halloween. As in, give out healthy treats and use recycled materials for your decorations and costume. Of course, do all that, but do you really need me to say it?
Another issue I have been having that has kept me from blogging is that this is a group blog and all of the posts should relate to all of us and or the rest of the world. This is girls go green, not girl goes green. The thing is, I'm kind of out of topics that fit into that category.
Basically, the point is that I am going to start writing about things that may not necessarily have anything to do with greenness and our school, but hopefully not both of them. Also, girls who can post here, please do so. But no pressure.
So, question: is your costume going to be made out of recycled materials? Or at least homemade?

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