Tuesday, April 13, 2010

empty spools

So, I do a lot of sewing. Which means a lot of thread. Which means a lot of empty spools. And I am known for my upcycling habit at school, so our science teacher sometimes gives me particularly interesting pieces of "garbage" that she knows I'll be able to use for something. So she gave me her empty spools.
So now I have a lot of empty spools that keep staring at me, telling me to do something with them. Actually it is me that is doing the staring at them, and nobody is actually telling anybody to do anything, and I could probably go on for another couple paragraphs about how I have so many spools that can't talk while making this sentence the most run on sentence in the history of run on sentences, but I would love to get back to crocheting plastic bags while reading because I was recently given a whole new bag of blue newspaper bags, so I shall get to the point.
Actually there are two points:
1. see if you can guess how many spools there are. please comment and tell me your guess.
2. does anybody have any ideas of what to do with the spools? please comment about that too.
Thank you everybody!


  1. Im guessing 50 empty spools. do we get a prize if we guess rite?? I HOPE SO!

  2. My guess: 110

    You could use some for wheels on a recycled robot, or make a decorative wreath for your sewing room or here's a link I found to make a back massage thing from them

  3. i would guess a little lower