Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100th post!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everybody!

This is our 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!

To commemorate the fact that it is our 100th, T.Y. and I decided to make another video tutorial about how to make something green. We made a tutorial for how to make a juice pouch bag. Everything was going all good untill I tried to upload the video to blogger. I tried over and over again to upload the video but it would just not work. I tried everything I could think of, but the video refused to upload.

So anyway, now we didn't have a 100th post that was particuarly different from the usual. But then, at our wizard of oz cast party, we were on a dock looking into lake washington, and in the water, just sitting there like it belonged, was a beer can. And so, Andrea had an idea: we take pictures of trash around our city and that could be our 100th post. Then I had the idea to also take pictures of things in our city that is particularly green.

And so, I bring you a few highs and lows of green-ness in Seattle.


  1. that is awesome and i can't beleive that we have done 100 posts!!!!

  2. wow, i just checked to see how long its been since we started girls go green, and it has been less than a year!! and we did 100 posts!!!

  3. hey anna, no ofense, but the second picture makes no sense; to me atleast.

  4. i think its just trees because trees are good for the enviroment :)