Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK, dear readers, I will admit that that was rather uncalled for. And really the first thing that popped into my head.
So anyway, I usually go to PCC where none of the produce comes in plastic, and you can get stuff in bulk, rather than in little vacuumed packed bags, but today I was at a not-PCC big chain grocery store, and I was rather freaked out.
For one thing, the lemons, limes, apples, oranges, satsumas, garlic, onions, and avocados all came in plastic mesh, the same stuff I used to make the mesh clutch purse a few posts back. And if the produce wasn't already in plastic bags, there was also lots of bags for you to put them in(and not 100% post consumer waste ones like they have at PCC either).
And then everything else is plasticked within an inch of its life(really, I think there is probably more plastic than food)
I was washing capri suns yesterday when it sort of hit me, how much really good quality material is just thrown away on a regular basis.
so please please please, when shopping, choose less packaged food whenever possible.
p.s. we are almost to our 100th post!!!

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  1. Yes yes I try to avoid/refuse plastic every chance I get. but it's sad how many people still keep using it and actually throw it away thoughtlessly! I went grocery shopping last week and it was BYOB (bring your own bag) Wednesday and sadly, only a few of us made an effort to bring our own reusable bags! Most shoppers still use plastic! Hopefully I'll see an improvement next time.
    almost to your 100th post? wow! congratulations!