Monday, December 21, 2009

what to do with your old nylons/ stockings/ pantyhose/ nylon stockings...

Hello dear people,

I realize we haven't had a particularly interesting post for quite some time. Of course, we have had Eleonor's Starbucks love thing, and my green holiday gifts post, but neither of those were things about what we have been doing. Alright, I will admit this is a roundup of uses for pantyhose/ nylons/ stockings/ etc. found on the Internet, but at least it's more than 20ish words.

Anyway, I shall proceed. So, my mom uses stockings/ nylons/ the most easy-to-get-holes in-things in the world for work, which means I have a pile of the things on my bedroom floor. Do not worry, it's not like she's dumping them on me. I actually specifically asked her to give them to me. I couldn't bear to see them, perfectly good pieces of fabric (at least to me), going to a landfill. I digress. I did a little bit of googling to bring to you, dear reader, the 10 best uses for old stockings/ yeah...I'm not writing that again.

1. Use the foot as a hairnet (only if there aren't any holes in the toes)

2. Use the foot to strain lumpy paint(then you have colorful pantyhose feet!)

3. stick the last little piece of a bar of soap in the foot and tie a knot so you can be green by being green!

short Q&A before we continue:

Q: did that make any sense to you?

A: No.

Q: is it possible to use more than just the foot of the nylons?

A: Of course it is!

4. reuse the elastic in the waist

5. If you drop something on the floor and you just can't find it, rubberband a little peice of pantyhose to the end of the vacume cleaner and vacume away! Whatever you dropped will stick to the fabric rather than go down into the deep, dark, stomach of the vacume cleaner. Expect to find all sorts of things you thought you had lost forever.

6. fold a leg into a nice little square and CLEAN stuff.

7. put a leg over a broom and be amazed at how much stuff is picked up that usually is ignored by your broom.

8. use little wads of the material to remove nail polish instead of using cotton balls.

9. put a peice of stocking over the bristles of your brush, and when your brush gets full of hair, you can just pull off the peice of fabric and with it comes your hair!

10. cut off the legs, tie them together, and knit or crochet with them!

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