Wednesday, November 25, 2009

random giving

Do any of you L-Dub people remember how at the end of last year we were going to randomly place a book somewhere were it would be found with a note that said something like,"You found this book. You can read it, and when you're done, put the book back for someone else to find". Or something. So, in honor of thanksgiving and the holidays, put something somewhere someone can find it. It doesn't have to be a book, as books don't tend to be waterproof. Or you could do sort of a chain mail version: "This (insert name of object) is for you! Now it is your turn to put something somewhere. Just include a note similar to this one!" Or you could just have a note that just says, "this is for you. keep it and cherish this random act of kindness". Or you could say, "go to" actually maybe that would be kind of weird. so don't do that.
Just give a gift.

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