Sunday, May 15, 2011

Relay for Life

Hi guys!
Anna and T.Y. here!
Yesterday, we participated in Relay for Life.  Relay for life is many things: fun, sad, and tiring.  It's a fundraiser for cancer research by the American Cancer Society.  One in every 100 Americans participates in Relay.
The one we went to was at Memorial Stadium by Seattle Center.  It began at 2pm with an opening ceremony followed by a survivor lap where everybody who beat or is still fighting cancer walks around the track.  Meanwhile, people arrive with tents and play games in the field.  Each person is part of a team usually in memory of or to support someone with cancer.  The event ends at 8:00 am the next morning.  At all times someone must be walking around the track with your team baton.
It's a fun event with sad moments such as the Luminaria ceremony.  You decorate a paper bag with someone's name and a message which they fill with sand and a candles.  Last night they spelled HOPE on the bleachers, but in previous years they make a ring around the track.  It's a sad hour but hopeful at the same time.  Go to the American Cancer Society' website ( to find out when the next Relay for Life is in your area!

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  1. The Luminaria Ceremony truly got me choked up as well.