Friday, July 2, 2010

what to do with a pair of old gauchos(sort of)

I had this pair of gauchos that were hand-me-downs, but I'm not really gaucho person, and they also fitted me a bit strangely, so I thought I'd turn them into a skirt.

I cut up the crotch(for lack of better word) seam, and had an idea:


I can't decide if I like it, or if it's too weird.
What do you think of it, and what should I call it?
Photo credits:
model: me
photographer: Andrea
P.S. Do you like the new background?


  1. like te first one, LOVE the backround!

  2. Love the new back ground but the yellow writing is a touch hard to read. you've done so well mantaining the blog and are super creative. The little stinker looks super cute in the card hat!!!!! I dont think the shirt is too odd and it is fun to have options on how to wear it.