Saturday, October 10, 2009


Eleonor was right: Ashland was wonderful, and fairly green; from the way the restaurant would only give you water if you really wanted; and the little signs on the napkin dispensers in the cafeteria that said that a soda can is forever, and of course the thrift shop. There was also that little retro store that had a purse made from beer cans! Unfortunately, at the cafeteria, lots of food that, if it were here, could be recycled. I don't actually know for sure that the food isn't recycled, but I do know that if it is, it is being done behind the scenes where the students aren't actively making the decision to recycle; they just put all their food on the conveyor belt.
Anyway, to wrap things up, the plays were amazing and the workshops were very fun. Thanks to Jenny, Heather, and all the parent chaparones for making such a great trip possible.
Also, if you're an author for this blog, it would be great if you were to write about your Ashland experience.

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  1. also the napkins in the cafeteria were 100% recycled.